Website updated (17-October-2021)
Website core moved to TypeScript,NextJS
Website updated (17-October-2016)
Website core moved to React&MongoDB
Version 1.30 (28-January-2011)
Article is available : (V.D. Vreshch J. App. Cryst.,44, 219-220 2011)
Windows Vista and Windows 7 support
New webpage design
Bug fix
Version 1.20 (27-October-2010)
Background subtracts, Smooth, and Scale function added
Graph navigation improve
Revision of Powder Pattern generation module
Help menu added
Image export
Bug fix
Version 1.02 (16-June-2010)
Installation Package Available
Several Bug Fixed;
Native File Format Support;
Several Menu Items Added (Help)
Version 1.01 (6-June-2010)
Precompiled package available;
Source code (C#) available for download;
Version 1.00 (15-May-2010)
Program was distributed among limited number of users.
Several bug fixed