Supporting file formats
Powder Pattern Import:Bruker/Siemens RAW Files (*.raw), Philips RD Files (*.rd), Scintag ARD Files (*.ard), Sietronics CPI Files (*.cpi), Riet7 DAT Files (*.dat), DBW Files (*.dbw), GSAS Files (*.gsas), Jade MDI Files (*.mdi), Rigaku RIG Files (*.rig), Philips UDF Files(*.udf), UXD Files (*.uxd), XDA Files (*.xda), XDD Files (*.xdd), XY Files (*.xy)
Molecule Import:ShelX File (*.ins,*.res), Crystallography Information File (*.cif)
Main functions
+ Multiple Powder Pattern and Molecule Import
+ Symulation of Powder Patterns based on single crystal data
+ Background subtraction, Smoth, and Scale of Powder Patterns
+ Working area properties change (Grids, Tics, Axis Labels,..)
+ Graph properties change (Color,...)
+ Picture export to *.wmf
+ Auto Update and Error Report modules
System requirements
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 need to be installed
Technical details
Program Written in C#, pure object orientated language.
Core is base on Sharp Develop, which were proved can be easily scale up.
Program can be easily extended through Addin system.
Licensed under terms of BSD License.
Modules included
ICSharpCode.Core (Sharp Develop Application Core)
ICSharpCode.AddInManager (Sharp Develop AddInManager)
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib,Ionic.Zip (Zip support Library)
log4net (Log support)
PowDLL (Powder Pattern Import)
WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI.Docking (Advanced Windows Docking)
ZedGraph (Graph Functionality)